Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wall to Wall Comic

This comic was inspired by a wall to wall facebook conversation sent to me by Elizabeth Jurczak (a partner in crime). She was telling me how nauseating the wall to wall of this couple was - and as I read through it, I couldn't agree more. It's ridiculous to me how Facebook and other social networking sites have made keeping up "friendships" and "romantic love" so easy. Saying "I love you" is now essentially meaningless. The comic below chronicles their relationship from its start up till now.

Check out Liz's new blog (it is very new). Only one post up now, but I guarantee there will be more and they will be excellent social commentary.


Elizabeth said...

update! update!

there has been a new facebook comment. the female has posted the following:


Ana, I am forwarding you the screen shot right now.

Ana Benaroya said...

hahahah...thank you for keeping me updated on their mind-boggling-ly complicated conversation.