Tuesday, September 15, 2009


For those of you faint of heart and those of you who are easily offended...I apologize for burning the corneas out of your eyeballs with this post. But perhaps there are others out there who might appreciate the racier side of life. Perhaps.

Anyways, this is my submission to GOOD VS. EVIL for their upcoming issue, themed: Man vs. Woman. With a topic like that how could you not make something like this? There seems to be a sexy theme going on recently with my work (see previous posts to see polish tour guide + jew). AND THE THEME WILL CONTINUE!!

I was recently invited to contribute a piece for a show in the upcoming OFFSET 2009 conference, curated by The Small Print. The show is called "Peepshow" - and contributors are asked to draw/paint/whatever their most x-rated fantasy. So that's coming up! For now, enjoy or hate this drawing.

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