Friday, September 4, 2009

Good vs. Evil - and the family

I recently discovered this lovely little publication called GOOD VS. EVIL through a blog. It's a self-published magazine interested in discovering the weirdest and coolest art out there - especially new artists. I'm going to contribute to the next issue - Man vs. Woman - an awesome theme, if I do say so myself. They were nice enough to put up some of my work on their BLOG. Take a look, and buy a copy of Issue 3 - support print and support great art.

And I thought this post would not be complete without several sketches of my family that I did over the weekend. This includes, my brother sitting with terrible posture, my mom and dad sitting on a black leather couch, my grandpa with very high-waisted pants, and my grandma, sitting by her lonesome on a chair. In my family, there is a constant battle between good and evil - between right and wrong - between just and unjust. Are these all the same thing? Perhaps....or perhaps we are all just oysters seeking our shrimp king?

I would like to leave you with something my grandpa told me the last time we parted ways:

"Ana, you should come here by yourself one time. I will tell you things and you will leave a different person."

Scary or intriguing? Maybe both.


Elizabeth said...

I would like to remind you that since the family sketches are done on a yellow legal pad, they are actually legal documents.

Ana Benaroya said...

hahah....liz. are you for real?