Thursday, September 24, 2009

Mania: An epidemic

So these two little buttons of delight were for a student run magazine called "Mania Magazine" (as you can clearly see from my cover illustration). The illustration with the text is for the front cover - and the beach scene is for the back cover. I know you all are thinking, "Why the hell did she illustrate people at the beach when summer is practically over?!? Is she trying to drive us further into depression?!?". Well, no, I am not. This magazine is published at the University of California - San Diego - where those damn bastards get sunny days all year round. It's okay...I'm not jealous...

So yes, another requirement was it had to be BLACK & WHITE (yet another obvious statement). But I enjoyed working with that limitation. You know what they say, limitations don't cause no heart palpitations! Ahahahhahah...I'm just kidding. So enough with my nonsense...enjoy the art.

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