Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A lot of illos

I did all of these illustrations last month for a factual trivia magazine full of delightful little stories/tidbits. I learned an interesting fact with each illustration...which is one of the great added benefits of being an illustrator. You are forced to read things you normally wouldn't so you end up learning a lot of random things.

There was so much celebration in Russia after Hitler surrendered, they actually ran out of vodka. That was the last time that ever happened!

You know those super bouncy rubber balls? Well a while ago, the company that made them decided to release a super-sized anniversary version. Somone decided to drop it out of a 22 story building...and it crushed a car below. They were shortly discontinued after that.

This illustration went alongside the history of the kings of playing cards. Apparently originally, the king of spades was King David, the king of hearts was Charlemagne, the king of clubs was Alexander the Great, and the king of diamonds was Julius Caesar. Annnddd....the reason why the Ace of Spades is always so because the British used to tax playing cards, so they had to place the tariff stamp somewhere...and it was always on the Ace of Spades. It was a fancy stamp - and even once the tax was removed - the fancy stamp remained.

Scientists discovered that they could use the monkeys from the barrel of monkeys to construct very complex models of molecules. It's pretty crazy that a kid's toy could be used for this sorta thing.

In Palatine, IL there is a funeral home with a spooky minature golf course in the basement. Check it out.

These are straightforward illustrations of fancy drinks that involve cool freezing/cooking techniques.

These small spots are illustrating 4 different poker hands:
1) Pair of Aces, Pair of Eights, “Dead Man’s Hand”
2) Ace of Spades, Ace of Clubs, “Joe Louis”
3) Pair of Twos, Ducks
4) Pair of Fives - “Sammy Hagar”

Humor is addicting, apparently. When you laugh your brain activates the same regions that get activated when you take cocaine. Also, women apparently think more when they find something funny...which why they may not be as into slapstick/potty humor.


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