Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Seattle Weekly cover

One of my favorite clients to work with, Seattle Weekly, asked me to create the cover for this weeks issue. The feature article is actually a series of articles...each author talks about their favorite CD and how that artist (and that CD in particular) changed their lives.

The art director wanted the cover to look like a high school student's (or young adult's) notebook...decorated with random sketches and words...and ink stains. I never really approached a finished illustration like this and it was very enjoyable! I'm sure this will affect my future work.

Anyways, enjoy!


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Bad Jones Rising said...

This is my favorite thing you have done. I LOVE anything to do with books, you know this. I also like the vintage/aged look of it. Nice job, this is completely out of your element and I am sure you were challenged. NNNNIICCCEEE