Friday, November 5, 2010


I am back from my trip to Italy and have some sketches to show for it. These are in chronological order.

This is a view of Trajan's Column and some of the surrounding buildings in Rome. It was a rainy grey day so I did this one pretty quickly and under an umbrella.

My favorite piazza in Rome, Piazza Navona. This is one of the three beautiful fountains. I drew this as enjoying a caffe latte.

This was in a neighborhood called Monti in Rome. We were on a search for crepes but didn't have much luck, so we ended up in this cute little cafe. The owner didn't speak much English but asked if he could buy this and hang it in his shop, haha.

In the Colloseum, Rome, looking out at the whole arena. The day was hot and very sunny. I was sitting on steps next to a lady who spoke Danish.

My first of two drawings of Michelangelo's David in the Accademia, Florence. This along with the Birth of Venus by Botticelli were my favorite artwork to see in person.

David number two, different angle.

Sitting in an amazing little piazza in Florence near the Uffizi. There were at least 10 sculptures under an awning, so I sat down and drew one of them. Of course I pick the one with the horsie. :)

During our one day in Venice we stopped at this restaurant to escape the cold. I ordered one of my favorite dishes of the trip, spagetti with ink sauce and cuttlefish.

On our last day in Rome we sat in on the steps of a church in the Piazza di Popolo and I drew an accordian player who played some amazing classical pieces. When we walked through the piazza four hours later he was still playing!


Dahlia Web Designs LLC said...

These are absolutely beautiful!!!! It's amazing that you were able to draw so much in such a short time.

Ana Benaroya said...

thanks!!!! :) some of them took me 40 minutes or so