Monday, July 9, 2012

3 AM

I did these pieces for an upcoming show featuring Jersey artists. The theme behind the show is "sloth" - so the curator and I came up with the concept for showing a fully populated party that has gone on till early in the morning. To me, when it becomes so late at night, reality and subconscious thoughts get very blurred. Real life and what goes on in your head almost become one. I really enjoyed making this piece, it has been a while since I dedicated this much time and effort into something personal. The three pieces actually connect to make one scene - unfortunately you can't clearly see that in blogger! But maybe you'll be able to see the connection after looking through them all.


Bad Jones Rising said...

This is awesome and it touched my heart! I finally got to NY Ana! and I have literally been fighting sleep. I try so hard to stay up as late as possible making art, working on my online store, blogging, etc. It's crazy! These pieces are great and when is the show?

Ana Benaroya said...

Hey Roni! Thanks so much...I'm glad you really enjoyed these pieces...I am really proud of how they turned out...definitely the most intensive stuff I've made in a while.

How long are you in ny for? send me some of your new stuff I wanna see!!

The show is in September in Jersey...affordable prints will be available! I'll keep you updated :)