Monday, October 24, 2011


Made this crazy drawing last week...spans across three 8.5" x 11" sheets of paper. The whole drawing started with the cat on the left and just kept expanding to the right...I didn't plan anything ahead of time or have any pencil under-drawing. I definitely want to make more work like this!


Bad Jones Rising said...

ugh. I just wrote all this already but I have to write it again because your layout makes me.

I do this all the time! I start with one line and repeat similar designs and lines towards the edges of the paper until the whole page is filled in my sketchbook. It is a good habit that helps with composition, repetition, and unity.
I like yours though because of the actual form and drawings in it. Sometimes more is more. Like in Where's Waldo, and when it comes to this drawing! Or like..."I Spy" lol

Ana Benaroya said...

haha i'm sorry!!! that's so annoying...i hate when i write something only to have an internet error lose it all!

but yeah, i can totally see how you do the same thing with your work. haha, i like that you compared this to Where's Waldo...I should make an even crazier one!