Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scholz & Friends Warsaw

A couple weeks ago I was approached by Scholz & Friends Warsaw to work on a project for Polish Humanitarian Action (PAH). They were designing a series of t-shirts with PAH's key phrase: “Ludzie, dzięki którym świat staje się lepszy” [“People, thanks to whom the world becomes better”]. Each t-shirt would have one of the words from this phrase - and I was given at first "lepszy" then "świat." Eventually they decided to have one word per artist - and they used my version of "świat," which means "world".

I can't wait to get some copies of the t-shirt! I'll post pictures when I do.


Amanda said...

Ana! Soooo beautiful! I really love the swait one!

Ana Benaroya said...

thanks amanda :) i like that one too - i feel like its something a little different than what I usually do.

when making it i thought of the days when i used to do hand lettering for nick mag :)