Saturday, October 10, 2009

Newsweek Polksa

This past week I got the opportunity to work on a very exciting project for Newsweek Poland. I contacted them a couple weeks ago because my friend Liz offered to do any translating I might need. The art director responded and seemed interested but unsure since I didn't speak Polish myself. So time passes and then one morning (which began just like any other morning) I received an email ENTIRELY in Polish. I immediately forwarded it to Liz and she told me the basic gyst of the assignment and article. Basically I had 1 day to create one illustration (of any size and subject matter) for this feature article on the sexual revolution taking place in Poland.

I sent them the image of the man first, unsure if it was too racy, but they said they loved it! I was relieved and very excited (I don't think an American magazine would publish this? At least probably not the American Newsweek...). So anyways, I thought my job was done - but NO. The following day I receive another email entirely in Polish and I freak out and send it to Liz once again. Apparently they URGENTLY needed the man to become a woman - and the cross to be removed. I'm guessing they were scared of offending the church and possibly many of their readers - but I am still unsure why the man had to be changed into a woman.

Anyways, I did what I could with the time given - so the top image with the woman and the heart necklace is the final piece.
I'm very excited to see this one in print!


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mmmm betcha saw this one on the stands in greenpoint!