Sunday, August 23, 2009

Egg on Bread Newspaper

Today me and one of my best artist friend's Ahu Sulker posted up a project on What we would like to do is create a 20 page 11.38" x 17" tabloid newspaper, edition of 1000. The first and last page would be full color and the rest would be black and white. The two of us would collaborate to write articles, poems, stories, comics, and illustrations, and typography.

It would be called "Egg on Bread" and its format would be very similar to that of your everyday newspaper. BUT, nothing would be factual and everything would be playful, funny, well-designed, and beautifully illustrated.

Both of us are very passionate about print and feel like we want to contribute to its survival in times like these, when it is very under-appreciated. Please take the time to check my project out and pass the word to anyone who you think might be interested in sponsoring us :) I think we offer up some pretty good incentives.

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