Tuesday, March 31, 2009

two things

This is a piece I recently completed for a British publication about the art of reviewing music. The article was actually pretty conceptual - and I thought interesting to read.
The magazine is square format and I was told that text would be wrapped around the image, whichever size I made it. So i felt that a white background would be easiest for a designer to work with. My idea was to draw a musician and have his voice/music come out and be transformed into geometric shapes. I thought this would symbolize the rationalization that a music reviewer had to go through in order to analyze and "judge" the music.

In other news - I'd like to advertise for one of my talented friends, Marina Kharkover, an illustrator and designer. She's teaching a Children's Book Illustration class at 3rd Ward in Brooklyn, and I highly recommend signing up for it. 3rd Ward is a great place and Marina is a great artist. So you really can't go wrong!



You make such fabulous use of color!

Ana Benaroya said...

thanks claire!