Tuesday, February 10, 2009

gama go + beer advocate + crazy cat!

So there's an odd assortment of images here - from an assortment of places!
The top one is simply one of my old paint palettes that I decided to draw on top of. I tried incorporating it into a poster but it didn't work out as I planned. Maybe I'll try that again in the future.
Beneath that is another spot I did for Beer Advocate magazine for the Q&A section. The question was why does canned beer taste different than bottled beer? So I decided the two should have a faceoff - with the robot representing the tin flavored canned beer - and the sexy man representing smooth bottled beer. Haha, maybe its a stretch, right?
And finally - the bottom is a vector image I created for Gama Go's women's t-shirt line. I think the image is pretty self explanatory!


Antonia said...

i LOVE your work! i need some of your ullustrations

Ana Benaroya said...

thanks, antonia!