Sunday, July 13, 2008

sketchbook remix

hello all! i thought i'd update with some of the latest stuff from my sketchbook. you'll see i re-visted the acrylic red boy - it was just a little too normal looking for my taste. so i thought it would only be appropriate to add vampire teeth and blood.
then there's another portrait of a very sexy man with a receding hairline, my favorite type.
and finally - i recently bought myself a beautiful book of fra angelico paintings. one of his paintings was the inspiration for this more rendered pencil drawing (something I haven't done in a while). the pose is taken from one of the paintings - face/clothing/and tattoos have been altered! i dont think this piece is too far out of my visual vocabulary - even though it is rendered. I think i've included enough pattern and 2d elements to make it fit with the rest of my portfolio. but maybe i'm not the best judge of that? i may or may not try to add color to this piece in the future.
anyways - enjoy!

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